I’m sitting on the couch at my in-laws connected to the global network via my cell phone, and mesmerized by events unfolding in real-time in Iran.  While I sit relaxing with family in the afterglow of Christmas, half way around the world people like this man:

with rocks in both hands and his cell phone in his mouth, are serving simultaneously as fighters and reporters.  And I’m doing my tiny part, as observer and cheerleader, spreading the word with tweets like this one:

My fascination is as much with the process as with the events themselves. CNN, Reuters and the BBC are relying almost exclusively on unconfirmed posts by ‘citizen reporters’ sharing news, pictures & videos on services like Twitter, Twitpic & YouTube.

We are experiencing the future of news, with the line forever blurred between those who make the news and those who share the news.  For the first time we can experience news anywhere and anytime, as it happens. We are all so much more intimately connected than ever before. Global consciousness is awakening. We live in interesting times.

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